Why have all benevolent ET races retreated from the world?

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17457485_1605149469514008_640100826551044299_nThe Allies of Humanity, who represent the free extraterrestrial races in this region of space, have advised humanity in their briefings that those extraterrestrial visitors who have been potentially beneficial to humanity have all retreated from the world in the face of the Intervention. Those remaining are alien races who are not here for our benefit.  This leaves us in an unambiguous situation regarding the extraterrestrial presence. This enables us to clearly see what we are dealing with. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to tell friend from foe.

1800310_755197581175872_1194433169_nWe are encountering small groups of forces that are not military in nature. They represent resource explorers and economic Collectives. They will present themselves to their  believers and advocates as a benign and spiritual force, but in reality they are supporting the very forces that undermine humanity’s integrity, its unity and its self-confidence. 

18199193_1788466911470449_5215474868255457956_nIt is a situation that requires courage and objectivity and the willingness to learn things we have never learned before, and the willingness to realize what humanity has learned through its long and difficult history regarding intervention and the dangers to the freedom and self-determination of the native peoples.  All of humanity are now the native peoples of the world facing intervention—an Intervention that is here to use us for itself, for its own wealth and acquisition.

The Allies come not to incite fear but to provoke a sense of responsibility, to engender a greater awareness and to encourage preparation for the life that we are entering into, a greater life but a life with greater problems and challenges as well. In this Article the focus is on answers provided by The Allies of Humanity for 7 important questions that confront many of our assumptions and tendencies,  and expose many of the myths we currently have about who is visiting us and why they are here.

  1. Why are our future friends not here?
  2. Why don’t The Allies of Humanity want relations with humanity at this time?
  3. How can we discern friend from foe?
  4. What do you have to say to those who view the Intervention as a positive thing?
  5. Why can’t our allies stop the Intervention?
  6. Are any of the visitors beneficial to humanity
  7. Will anyone from space come to save humanity?


Past visitation

“it is true that humanity has been visited for a very long time. But there has never been an intervention of this magnitude or this nature before. This may be confusing to some people, for they think that the Intervention is but another expression of an ongoing visitation and an ongoing alien presence in the world, but it is not really true. You do not yet have the skill to discern friend from foe, your allies from your adversaries, except through demonstration, and even here it would take a deeper insight to make this determination. Some people will think that we are humanity’s adversaries and that those intervening are humanity’s allies. This is so obviously untrue, but it is not obvious to you. For you are without Wisdom and awareness in these matters, and that is why we have come. ” – Book 2, 2nd briefing: Why the Intervention is Occurring

1. Why are our future friends not here?

12004080_1902219700003361_6644262513561137715_n“Even a benevolent society, should they come to your world, would have such an influence and such an impact upon you that you would become dependent upon them and would not establish your own strength, your own power and your own self-sufficiency. You would be so reliant upon their technology and upon their understanding that they would not be able to leave you. And indeed, their arrival here would make you even more vulnerable to interference in the future. for you would desire their technology, and you would want to travel along the corridors of trade in the Greater Community. Yet you would not be prepared, and you would not be wise.

That is why your future friends are not here. That is why they are not coming to help you. for you would not become strong if they did. You would want to associate with them, you would want to have alliances with them, but you would be so weak that you could not protect yourselves. In essence, you would become part of their culture, which they do not will.

Perhaps many people will not be able to understand what we are saying here, but in time this will make perfect sense to you, and you will see its wisdom and its necessity. At this moment, you are far too frail, too distracted and too conflicted to form strong alliances, even with those who could be your future friends. Humanity cannot yet speak as one voice, and so you are prone to intervention and manipulation from beyond.”Book 1, 5th briefing: Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity

2. Why don’t The Allies of Humanity want relations with humanity at this time?

14993563_1438430789519211_8866278077223375674_nThe Allies of Humanity seek no relations with humanity because they recognize that humanity is not ready for Contact. Humanity does not have the maturity, the unity or the discernment yet to tell friend from foe and to understand the complexities of life where thousands of races are interacting with each other.


3. How can we discern friend from foe?

“Understand that your true friends and allies would never intervene in the world in this way or carry on such activities, which only threaten the well being of people and undermine humanity’s unity, self-sufficiency and discretion.14316980_1370946129601011_5788968390951001159_n

To be able to discern friend from foe in the universe, you must know the difference between your strength and your weakness, for your foe will speak to your weakness, and your friend will speak to your strength.

Everything that humanity values is now at risk— all that you have created, all of your advancements, all that you have accomplished which is significant. You do not realize the gifts that have been given here and how important they are.”  – Book 3, 4th Briefing: Hidden Powers

“Your true friends in the Greater Community will not try to take over your world. Anyone who comes into your world and interferes with human affairs must attempt to control human awareness, perception and behavior to their own ends. Even if they believe they are doing this for your benefit, they must still seize control and exert their influence in ways that will undermine your future and your freedom.

The wise in the universe know these things. The unwise either do not know or choose not to listen. The fate of humanity will be determined in the next several decades by how humanity faces its own environmental crisis and how humanity chooses to deal with and to respond to the Intervention that is in the world today. It is a time of great choosing, a time of great risk.” – Book 3, 5th Briefing: Many Voices in the Universe1779313_761839957178301_1415160139_n

4. What do you have to say to those who view the Intervention as a positive thing?

We understand, first of all, the expectation that all forces from the heavens are related to your spiritual understanding, traditions and fundamental beliefs. The idea that there is prosaic life in the universe is a challenge to these fundamental assumptions. From our perspective and given the experience of our own cultures, we understand these expectations. In the distant past, we maintained them ourselves. And yet we had to relinquish them in facing the realities of Greater Community life and the meaning of visitation.

15410_1002267726468855_6432635136998247691_nYou live in a great physical universe. It is full of life. This life represents countless manifestations and also represents the evolution of intelligence and spiritual awareness at every level. What this means is that what you will encounter in the Greater Community encompasses almost every possibility.

However, you are isolated and do not yet travel in space. And even if you had the capability to reach another world, the universe is vast, and no one has gained the ability to go from one end of the galaxy to the other with any kind of speed. Therefore, the physical universe remains enormous and incomprehensible. No one has mastered its laws. No one has conquered its territories. No one can claim complete dominance or control. Life has a great humbling effect in this way. Even far beyond your borders this is true.

tr10You should then come to expect that you will meet intelligences representing forces for good, forces for ignorance and those who are more neutral regarding you. However, in the realities of Greater Community travel and exploration, emerging races such as your own will, almost without exception, encounter resource explorers, collectives and those seeking advantage for themselves as their first contact with Greater Community life.

14063762_1348279238534367_768938210788803362_nRegarding the positive interpretation of visitation, part of this is human expectation and the natural desire to welcome a good outcome and to seek help from the Greater Community for the problems that humanity has not been able to resolve on its own. It is normal to expect such things, particularly when you are considering that your visitors have greater capabilities than do you. However, a large part of the problem in interpreting the great visitation has to do with the will and the agenda of the visitors themselves. For they are encouraging people everywhere to view their presence here as wholly beneficial to humanity and to its needs. – Book 3, 7th briefing: Questions and Answers

5. Why can’t our allies stop the Intervention?

We are only here to observe and to advise. The great decisions facing humanity are in your hands. No one else can make these decisions for you. Even your great friends far beyond your world would not intervene, for if they did so, it would cause warfare, and your world would become a battleground between opposing forces.

And should your friends be victorious, you would become wholly reliant upon them, unable to fend for yourself or to maintain your own security in the universe. We know of no benevolent race that would seek to bear this burden. And, in truth, it would not serve you either for you would become a client state to another power and would have to be governed from afar. This is not beneficial for you in any way, and it is for this reason that this is not occurring. Yet the visitors will cast themselves as saviors and rescuers of humanity. They will utilize your naiveté. They will capitalize on your expectations, and they will seek to wholly benefit from your trust.10848058_976630439032584_83536195939847731_n.jpg

Therefore, it is our sincere desire that our words can serve as an antidote to their presence and to their manipulation and abuse for your rights are being violated. Your territory is being infiltrated. Your governments are being persuaded. And your religious ideologies and impulses are being redirected. There must be a voice of truth regarding this. And we can only trust that you can receive this voice of truth. We can only hope that the persuasion has not gone too far. – Book 3, 7th briefing: Questions and Answers

6. Are any of the visitors beneficial to humanity?

beneNo one who is visiting your world now or in recent times is beneficial to humanity. They all represent competing forces vying for power and influence here. They are all part of the Intervention, which is made up of more than one race. If you could understand your situation more thoroughly, then you would recognize that intervention in any form is detrimental to humanity and that such intervention is being carried out for self-interest to gain control and to gain domination.

No true ally of humanity would be in the world trying to manipulate human awareness, trying to control human behavior, trying to steer human destiny to its own ends.

Therefore, you are facing an unequivocal situation. You do not have the burden of trying to tell friend from foe amongst those who are intervening in the world. That would be very difficult for you to do, given the powers of persuasion that are being placed upon humanity at this time.You have the benefit of facing a clear and unequivocal situation.

Those who are visiting your world are here to manipulate and to deceive. They feel that their goals are correct and that they more than you could rule humanity beneficially. But that is according to their values, which does not esteem in any way individual freedom, nor does it value the greater qualities of the human nature and the achievements of humanity.” – Book 3, 7th briefing: Questions and Answers

7. Will anyone from space come to save humanity?

10888710_950952721600356_6768512621413288520_nNo one will come to save humanity, and those who claim to be here for this purpose represent the Intervention itself. If humanity is ever to become strong and self-determined in the universe, it must save itself. What it needs from other races in the universe is the kind of wisdom and guidance we are providing through these sets of Briefings. This is what any other society in the universe who cares about humanity’s future and freedom could give in a world where a divided humanity is struggling with itself, despoiling its world and under-mining the three basic achievements that are necessary for freedom: unity, self-sufficiency and discretion.

Do not think that others will come here to save humanity, for they will come here to save the world for themselves, and humanity will be but a resource they will use to achieve their own goals. Do not be foolish and naïve. Do not think that other races would expend the energy and invest themselves to such a great degree just to assure your freedom, for such an investment must be for their own purposes. This requires careful thought and consideration on your part, a very sober approach and a greater objectivity. ” – Book 3, 7th briefing: Questions and Answers

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Alien Whistle-blowers unmask hidden Agenda. Secret program disclosed.

abd1Representatives of the free extraterrestrial races in this region of space are blowing the whistle on the covert activities of the extraterrestrial presence in world, and providing critical information that the extraterrestrial intruders do not wish to be revealed.

hqdefaultHumanity is at risk of losing Sovereignty over our planet and our individual lives.  The situation is far more serious than people realize. It is the severity of the situation that has  led to representatives of the free races in our region of space to provide us with The Allies Briefings. The purpose of the Allies Briefings is to address the dramatic and far-reaching implications of this phenomenon, to challenge our human tendencies and assumptions regarding it and to alert the human family to the great threshold we now face.

The Briefings provide a glimpse into the reality of intelligent life in the Universe and what Contact will really mean.   They reveal the true purpose of Human Abduction and reveal the shocking truth about the interventions interbreeding program.  It is these revelations that are the focus of this article.

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“The visitors are engaged in four fundamental activities in order to gain influence within your world. Each of these activities is unique, but they are all coordinated together. They are being carried out because humanity has been studied for a long time. Human thought, human behavior, human physiology and human religion have been studied for some time. These are well understood by your visitors and will be used for their own purposes.” – The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

7“The first area is the influence on important people in positions of power in governments and at the head of religious institutions. The second area of influence is on people who have a spiritual inclination and who wish to open themselves to the greater powers that exist in the universe. The third area of involvement is the visitors’ building of establishments in the world in strategic locations, near population centers, where their influence on the Mental Environment can be exercised. And lastly, we spoke of their program of interbreeding with humanity, a program which has been underway for quite some time.” – The Challenge to Human Freedom

“They cannot live in your environment. They need your physical stamina. They need your natural affinity with the world. They need your reproductive abilities. They also want to bond with you because they understand that this creates allegiance. This, in a way, establishes their presence here because the offspring of such a program will have blood relations in the world and yet will have allegiance to the visitors. Perhaps this seems incredible, yet it is so very real.

The visitors are not here to take your reproductive abilities away from you. They are here to establish themselves. They want humanity to believe in them and to serve them. They want humanity to work for them. They will promise anything, offer anything and do anything to achieve this goal. Yet though their persuasion is great, their numbers are small. But their influence is growing and their program of interbreeding, which has been underway for several generations, will eventually be effective. There will be human beings of greater intelligence but who do not represent the human family. Such things are possible and have occurred countless times in the Greater Community. You have only to look at your own history to see the impact of cultures and races upon one another and to see how dominating and how influential these interactions can be.” – The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

20106512_1871704353152295_1709177596714550032_n.jpg“We understand how troubling this news may be and perhaps how disappointing it may be to many people who had high hopes and expectations that visitors from beyond would bring blessings and great benefit to humanity. It is natural perhaps to assume and to expect these things, but the Greater Community into which humanity is emerging is a difficult and competitive environment, particularly in areas in the universe where many different races compete with each other and interact for trade and commerce. Your world exists in such an area. This may seem incredible to you because it has always seemed that you lived in isolation, alone within the vast emptiness of space. But really you live in an inhabited part of the universe where trade and commerce have been established and where traditions, interactions and associations are all longstanding. And to your benefit, you live in a beautiful world—a world of great biological diversity, a splendid place in contrast to the starkness of so many other worlds.

20108511_2326033097622017_4357566022013576964_nHowever, this also gives your situation great urgency and poses a genuine risk, for you possess what many others want for themselves. They do not seek to destroy you but to gain your allegiance and your alliance so that your existence in the world and your activities here can be for their benefit. You are emerging into a mature and complicated set of circumstances. Here you cannot be like little children and believe and hope for the blessings of all whom you may encounter. You must become wise and discerning, as we, through our difficult histories, have had to become wise and discerning. Now humanity will have to learn about the ways of the Greater Community, about the intricacies of interaction between races, about the complexities of trade and about the subtle manipulations of associations and alliances that are established between worlds. It is a difficult but important time for humanity, a time of great promise if true preparation can be undertaken.” – Human Freedom

“Through interbreeding, they are seeking to establish a human being who will be part of their association yet who can survive within your world and who can have a natural affinity with the world. Your visitors cannot live on the surface of your world. They must either seek shelter underground, which they are doing, or they must live aboard their own craft, which they often keep hidden in large bodies of water. They want to interbreed with humanity to protect their interests here, which are primarily the resources of your world. They want to have human allegiance assured, and so for several generations they have been involved in an interbreeding program, which within the last twenty years has become quite extensive.

20140065_2325731860985474_1548880177209697678_nTheir purpose is twofold. First, as we have mentioned, the visitors want to create a human-like being who can live within your world but who will be bonded to them and who will have a greater set of sensitivities and abilities. The second purpose of this program is to influence all those that they encounter and to encourage people to assist them in their undertaking. The visitors want and need human assistance. This furthers their program in all respects. They consider you valuable. However, they do not consider you to be their peers or their equals. Useful, that is how you are perceived. So, in all whom they will encounter, in all whom they will take, the visitors will seek to engender this sense of their superiority, their value and the worth and the significance of their endeavors in the world. The visitors will tell all whom they contact that they are here for the good, and they will assure those that they have captured that they need not fear. And with those who seem particularly receptive, they will attempt to establish alliances—a shared sense of purpose, even a shared sense of identity and family, of heritage and destiny.

In their program, the visitors have studied human physiology and psychology very extensively, and they will take advantage of what people want, particularly those things that people want but have not been able to gain for themselves, such as peace and order, beauty and tranquility. These will be offered and some people will believe. Others will simply be used as is needed.

20229290_2325834284308565_8236898326483379224_nHere it is necessary to understand that the visitors believe that this is entirely appropriate in order to preserve the world. They feel that they are doing humanity a great service, and so they are wholehearted in their persuasions. Unfortunately, this demonstrates a great truth about the Greater Community—that true Wisdom and true Knowledge are as rare in the universe as they must seem within your world. It is natural for you to hope and to expect that other races have outgrown deviousness, selfish pursuits, competition and conflict. But, alas, this is not the case. Greater technology does not raise the mental and spiritual strength of individuals.

20245850_2326021937623133_9167121791178304863_nToday there are many people who are being taken against their will repeatedly. Because humanity is very superstitious and seeks to deny things that it cannot understand, this unfortunate activity is being carried on with considerable success. Even now, there are hybrid individuals, part-human, part-alien, walking in your world. There are not many of them, but their numbers will grow in the future. Perhaps you will meet one some day. They will look the same as you but be different. You will think they are human beings, but something essential will seem to be missing in them, something that is valued within your world. It is possible to be able to discern and to identify these individuals, but in order to do so, you would have to become skilled in the Mental Environment and learn what Knowledge and Wisdom mean in the Greater Community.

We feel that learning this is of the utmost importance, for we see all that is happening in your world from our vantage point, and the Unseen Ones counsel us regarding things we cannot see or have access to. We understand these events, for they have happened countless times in the Greater Community, as influence and persuasion are cast upon races that are either too weak or too vulnerable to respond effectively.

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20245602_2326043054287688_7745339579594776429_nWe hope and we trust that none of you who may hear this message will think that these intrusions into human life are beneficial. Those who are being affected will be influenced to think that these encounters are beneficial, both for themselves and for the world. People’s spiritual aspirations, their desire for peace and harmony, family and inclusion will all be addressed by the visitors. These things that represent something so special about the human family are, without Wisdom and preparation, a sign of your great vulnerability. Only those individuals who are strong with Knowledge and Wisdom could see the deception behind these persuasions. Only they are in a position to see the deception that is being perpetrated upon the human family. Only they can protect their minds against the influence that is being cast in the Mental Environment in so many places in the world today. Only they will see and know.

Our words will not be enough. Men and women must learn to see and to know. We can only encourage this. Our coming here to your world has occurred in accordance with the presentation of the teaching in Greater Community Spirituality, for the preparation is here now and that is why we can be a source of encouragement. If the preparation were not here, we would know that our admonitions and our encouragement would not be adequate and would not be successful. The Creator and the Unseen Ones want to prepare humanity for the Greater Community. In fact, this is the most important need of humanity at this time.

15181404_2326032847622042_8086469972535903655_nTherefore, we encourage you not to believe that the taking of human beings and their children and their families has any benefit for humanity at all. We must emphasize this. Your freedom is precious. Your individual freedom and your freedom as a race are precious. It has taken us so long to regain our freedom. We do not want to see you lose yours.

The interbreeding program that is occurring in the world will continue. The only way that it can be stopped is by people gaining this greater awareness and sense of inner authority. Only this will bring these intrusions to an end. Only this will uncover the deception behind them. It is hard for us to imagine how awful this must be for your people, for those men and women, for those little ones, who are undergoing this treatment, this re-education, this pacification. To our values, this seems abhorrent, and yet we know that these things occur in the Greater Community and have occurred since before memory.

sec1Perhaps our words will generate more and more questions. This is healthy and this is natural, but we cannot answer all of your questions. You must find the means to gain the answers for yourselves. But you cannot do this without a preparation, and you cannot do this without an orientation. At this time, humanity as a whole, we understand, cannot differentiate between a Greater Community demonstration and a spiritual manifestation. This is truly a difficult situation because your visitors can project images, they can speak to people through the Mental Environment and their voices can be received and expressed through people. They can cast this kind of influence because humanity does not yet have this kind of skill or discernment.

Humanity is not united. It is broken apart. It is in contention with itself. This makes you extremely vulnerable to outside interference and manipulation. It is understood by your visitors that your spiritual desires and inclinations make you particularly vulnerable and particularly good subjects for their use. How difficult it is to gain true objectivity regarding these things. Even where we have come from, it has been a great challenge. But for those who wish to remain free and to exercise self-determination in the Greater Community, they must develop these skills, and they must preserve their own resources in order to avoid being required to seek them from others. If your world loses its self-sufficiency, it will lose much of its freedom. If you must go beyond your world to seek the resources you need to live, then you will lose much of your power to others. Because the resources of your world are rapidly diminishing, this is a grave concern for those of us who watch from afar. It is also of concern to your visitors, for they want to prevent the destruction of your environment, not for you but for them.

20155970_2325812784310715_6319287634494359975_nThe interbreeding program has only one purpose, and that is to enable the visitors to establish a presence and a commanding influence within the world. Do not think that the visitors are lacking something that they need from you other than your resources. Do not think that they need your humanity. They only want your humanity to assure themselves of their position in the world. Do not be flattered. Do not indulge yourself in such thoughts. They are unwarranted. If you can learn to see the situation clearly as it really is, you will see and you will know these things for yourself. You will understand why we are here and why humanity needs allies in a Greater Community of intelligent life. And you will see the importance of learning greater Knowledge and Wisdom and of learning Greater Community Spirituality.

Because you are emerging into an environment where these things become vital for success, for freedom, for happiness and for strength, you will need greater Knowledge and Wisdom in order to establish yourselves as an independent race in the Greater Community. However, your independence is being lost with each passing day. And you may not see the loss of your freedom, though perhaps you may feel it in some way. How could you see it? You cannot go outside your world and witness the events that surround it. You do not have access to the political and commercial involvements of the alien forces operating in the world today to understand their complexity, their ethics or their values.

Never think that any race in the universe that travels for commerce is spiritually advanced. Those who seek commerce seek advantage. Those who travel from world to world, those who are resource explorers, those who seek to plant their own flags are not what you would consider to be spiritually advanced. We do not consider them to be spiritually advanced. There is worldly power, and there is spiritual power. You can understand the difference between these things, and now it is necessary to see this difference within a larger environment.

We come, then, with a sense of commitment and strong encouragement for you to maintain your freedom, to become strong and discerning and not to give into persuasions or promises of peace, power and inclusion from those you do not know. And do not let yourself be comforted into thinking that all will turn out well for humanity or even for you personally, for this is not Wisdom. For the Wise in any place must learn to see the reality of life around them and learn to negotiate this life in a beneficial way.” – The Challenge to Human Freedom

Read the Briefings – free online. click here…

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Ethical Contact?


 “As both the Allies Briefings and much of the UFO research clearly indicate, ethical contact is not occurring. The following are only a few of the key ethical issues regarding the extraterrestrial Contact as it is occurring today:

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  • – visitation and occupation without informed consent by citizens of this world instead of by secret government groups or other organizations
  • – non-disclosure of intentions and fostering secrecy and deception as opposed to openness, trust and negotiation
  • – breeching planetary and national boundaries with impunity
  • – displays of technological power over cities and military installations risking national security
  • – fostering human dependency through offers of technology to a less advanced or less developed native race
  • violations of basic human rights in abducting people against their will and subjecting them to often terrifying procedures, resulting in psychological trauma and social isolation
  • – exploitation of resources, both human and biological
  • – behind the scenes exacerbation of human conflict

14611006_1691578611159280_8290160390396379812_nWhile it may be appropriate for a foreign race to share with us their experience and wisdom from afar, as the Allies Briefings have done, it is not appropriate for races to come here uninvited and attempt to interfere in and manipulate human affairs, even under the guise of helping us. Given the level of humanity’s development at this time as a young and divided race, no true ally of humanity would attempt this, for it would require them to direct, control and manipulate the minds and hearts of people.”

18581521_1798654893784984_8526279338080370968_nExcerpt from – The Ethics of Contact | E.T. Contact.   Read more at link below.

The Ethics of Contact | E.T. Contact

The Declaration of Human Sovereignty Regarding Contact with Extraterrestrial Nations and Forces

Declaration of Human Sovereignty