People’s critical discernment is being destroyed by an Extraterrestrial “Pacification Program”.


18486356_1793786237605183_3421326690851112241_n“The Intervention is pacifying certain populations—the young people, the educated, those who are spiritually inclined, those who could not be encouraged to wage war or conflict against others. Those who could be the greatest emissaries for the Intervention will be pacified and directed. They will believe in the new leadership. They will believe that the Intervention is here to save a struggling and declining humanity.

Those who cannot be pacified can be encouraged to engage in their ancient animosities and their distrust of their neighbors, and to fortify their resistance and hostility towards their historic enemies. Lands can be contested. Resources will be contested increasingly. Even within nations, there will be groups who will arise, who will seek to destabilize and overtake those nations. Many groups will be governed by religious ideology, governed not only by the defaults of human nature, but also by the influence and guidance exerted by the Intervention itself.”

Questions and Answers about Aliens


“Already you can see the effects of the Pacification Program that is being generated by the Intervention. There are already many people who have fallen prey to this, either by their own inclinations or by outside influence. Here people are led to believe that they can not really judge anything. “Well, I don’t want to be negative. I’ll be open to it.” Who told them to be open to it? “I’ll be open to whatever happens.” Who told them to be open to whatever happens?

People’s critical discernment is being destroyed. So something happens and they say, “Well, you know, I don’t want to judge the situation.” What are you talking about! You need to evaluate what is happening. These people think they cannot be critical. “Well, I can’t really be critical. I don’t want to be negative.” Well, it may be necessary to speak out and say that something is really not appropriate. But these people can’t even do that. People who have been affected by this Pacification Program cannot even make a decision. They cannot look at anything and say, “Well, this is a good thing,” or “This is really not a good thing for me.” So they welcome everything, thinking that is how you must be with life.

That is not how you must be with life. It is true you must be willing to look at everything. But it is not true that you must accept everything, bond with everything, welcome everything. Of course not! Higher consciousness does not mean that you do not make critical evaluations. It simply means you view things from a higher vantage point. This does not mean that everything becomes gray. It means that everything becomes clear. You clearly see what to do and what not to do, what is good and what is not good. If this is not the product of spiritual study, then someone is being disabled.
While it is true you must learn not to judge a situation based upon your conditioning or beliefs, ultimately you must judge a situation based upon Knowledge, the Spiritual Intelligence that lives within you. This is the final arbiter in your discernment.

However, people do not recognize this. They take the first step and they think it is the last step. The first step is where you do not judge. This means you must learn to look and recognize something, which you cannot do if you judge it immediately. This is the first step, but people think it is the last step. The last step is very different from the first step. You do not judge in the moment because you need to see and know and recognize what you are looking at. This is discernment. You cannot be discerning if you judge things outright. Yet beyond this discernment, you must see clearly if something is good or not.

So you may recognize that the Intervention really is not good for humanity. In itself, the Intervention is not a good thing! But if you say, “Oh, I cannot judge the situation,” how will you ever know? You may want to think, “Well, it’s probably good at some other level.” A pacified person will say, “I will see how it is good for us because everything that happens is good for us.” This is not only human ignorance; this demonstrates the effects of the Pacification Program, which encourages people to trust things unwittingly, without discernment.

You can see this everywhere. You can see it in the UFO community. You can see it in spiritual communities. You can see it emerging in people all around you.

The Allies Briefings will create a stir because they advocate discernment. They say, “The Intervention is not good for you.” Yet many people say, “Well, I don’t know. It must be good. I mean, it can’t be bad.” They’re befuddled. They don’t know what to think. “Well, I don’t know. I can’t really come to any decisions about it.” What are you talking about? Has your decision making become disabled? And if so, who disabled it? Why are some people thinking they must be open to everything and receptive to everything? Yes, they want to be non-judgmental, but that is only the first step. They don’t take the next step. They don’t exercise discernment. In some cases, their discernment has fallen away.

15056481_1698771127106695_7708752801427052500_nThis is a critical problem. As a result of this Pacification Program, people cannot see and cannot know, and basically, though they are confused and frightened perhaps, they will just go along. “Well, I’ll just go along. I’ll just try to accept what is happening in my life.” People who are pacified can’t resist. They can’t fight against something because they don’t think it’s all right to do that. They think that everything has to be embraced. Where did this come from?

These ideas of unquestioned acceptance are prevalent in much of the spiritual teaching you see today. And people accept these ideas wholeheartedly. They think, “Well, this is the higher truth. We follow the higher truth.” Consider this in the light of the Pacification Program and you will begin to see how pervasive it really is.

People who are being pacified will be led to believe that they are gaining higher consciousness when in fact all of their power is being taken away from them. The Pacification Program is based upon an understanding of human psychology and human tendencies. Here people are conditioned to think that in order to be acceptable to God, they must basically give away what God has given them to use. “Well, to be acceptable to God, I must be meek and mild and non-judgmental and all embracing of everything. I will look for the good in everything.”

Where did this come from? Is such acquiescence purely a human invention? Is this something that people just concoct for themselves in order to be happy in the moment? Well, in some cases, this is true. But consider the pacification of humanity. How are people pacified? They are told what they want to hear, and they are told they don’t really need to consider anything else. After all, if everything j that happens to you is good, then why resist i anything? Just embrace it all! This is the Pacification Program at work.”

An excerpt from – The Allies of Humanity briefings
– The effects of the Pacification Program

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Humanity is being manipulated into self destruction

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“While it is true that humanity could commit all of its errors on its own, to have the support of the Intervention only makes the hazards greater. This is being done in a completely hidden way. While the Intervention will present itself to its believers and its advocates as a benign and spiritual force, in reality it will be supporting the very forces that undermine humanity’s integrity, its unity and its self-confidence. The Intervention will undermine people’s belief and confidence in their leaders and their institutions, thus fostering a vacuum of confidence that can easily be shifted to a foreign power that is presenting itself as a benign and advanced race.

This is the nature of deception that is placed upon a weak and divided humanity—a deception generated by several competing groups of economic Collectives who seek to have advantage here. Such activities and deception have been used by humanity as well, so these are understandable to you. Technology only aids the Intervention in remaining hidden and in giving it certain powers over people’s physical response to their presence. But it is the power of persuasion in the mental environment, the power of making people think what the Intervention wants them to think, to feel what the Intervention wants them to feel and to do what the Intervention wants them to do that represents its greatest strength and advantage here.

19554811_1820366068280533_5735133515982838110_nThe Intervention cannot use force, and it is not a military presence, so it does not have this capability. It will use its greatest strength, which is the power of persuasion, and it is using this to great effect. It has not won its objective yet. It has not achieved its goals yet. But every day the Intervention grows stronger. Every day its influence becomes more pervasive. Every day its effort to pacify human resistance and to direct human activity increases. For it seeks to pacify those who would resist it and to encourage human conflict at the same time.”

“They recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the human family and your tendency towards conflict. They recognize that to gain human allegiance, which is their goal, they must present themselves as capable of assisting and even saving humanity from its own problems and from the great challenges that it now faces. The Intervention will present itself, therefore, in a more enlightened form—as spiritual agents, as those who have overcome war and conflict, who live in peace and who have achieved technology that humanity can now use and, indeed, now needs in order to rescue its environment and to bring a cessation of conflict in the world.

14192034_1656506981333110_3532057898694395718_nYet this all represents deception, for the Collectives actually seek to increase human conflict, to weaken the strongest worldly powers and to gain allegiance through human failure—allegiance and a reliance upon their presence.”

From ~ Tools of the Intervention

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