Four critical things to know about travel in outer space.

Human beings with our wonderful imaginations conjure up all kinds of wonderful ways to travel around the universe almost effortlessly, using energy that is somehow derived from physics and can sustain unlimited travel, even collapsing time and space. But for those who live in the real universe, they have had to face the limits of technology. In some cases, these limits are quite severe.

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To  correct many of humanity’s false assumptions and uninformed beliefsassumptions and beliefs that make us vulnerable to foreign manipulation and persuasion, The Allies of Humanity Briefings have been provided to us by representatives of the free extraterrestrial races in our region of space.

17203253_1592033894158899_1704981164864103190_nThese Briefings present information that no one on Earth could create or know for themselves. They give a perspective that humanity does not presently have regarding the prospects for Contact and the consequences of Contact.

This is a great service to an unwary and unsuspecting humanity, who believes the universe is either a great empty place awaiting exploration or that it is filled with benign and ethical races of beings who would be eager to assist humanity in its quest for technological solutions and greater power.

This naïve and foolish perspective, of course, means that we are uninformed and uneducated about the realities of life beyond our borders. We still think that technology can overcome the power of nature. The Allies of Humanity Briefings give us a much clearer and more correct understanding.

So let us address four big questions…

  1. “Human scientists say that no one can travel faster than the speed of light. Therefore, how is it possible that the Intervention can come here or even that you could come here?”
  2. “When will humanity be able to travel outside this solar system?”
  3. “Inter-dimensional travel seems to be the fastest way to get around in space. Why is it not being used?”
  4. “Many people here on Earth would love to travel to other worlds and meet other races there, yet you indicate that this would be very limited. Why is this the case?”


1. “Human scientists say that no one can travel faster than the speed of light. Therefore, how is it possible that the Intervention can come here or even that you could come here?”

This premise is certainly one that limits human understanding. If you could not travel faster than these speeds, you could not travel in space at all, and that perhaps is the assumption of many who still think that this is a barrier that cannot be surpassed.

Even before there were any human civilizations in the world, space travel was underway to a very large and sophisticated extent. You can travel faster than the speed of light and counteract its effect on time and aging, and this has been practiced far longer than any human civilization.

But travel is not as fast as you might think or imagine. It still takes time to travel between solar systems—sometimes, in your estimation and time frame, days and weeks or even months, depending on the distance one has to traverse. This, of course, would be astoundingly fast according to your notion, but you are still crawling along at a slow pace while other nations have been engaged in commerce, trade and travel for hundreds of thousands of your years, even in your region of space.

You do not live in some newly developed part of the universe. There has been a long history in this region, longer even than we can account for—a history of early war, conquest and conflict. This has been surpassed by a greater unity, a great network of trade and a great network of control—which has suppressed war and conflict, but which has also suppressed freedom and self-determination amongst its participating nations.

Therefore, you must consider that this barrier, called the speed of light, is something that humanity, in some distant future, will be able to overcome. Even on its own it will find a way to do this. But surely it cannot hold to such a limit as being defining. For we have come to be near the Earth, and now we are far away from the Earth, and the Intervention has come to intervene in the world, which it is doing now ever so greatly with each passing year. Trade and commerce is going on in many regions inside the galaxy, and we may only assume in other galaxies as well. So never think that technology in the universe is limited by human understanding or accomplishment.”

2. “When will humanity be able to travel outside this solar system?”

20155658_2323587827866544_3680881904610312576_nYour travel outside this solar system may be possible within the next two centuries, but we say “may be possible” because you will have to face the great environmental change that is occurring in your world, which has the power to undermine human civilization. And you also have to face the consequences of intervention in your world, which could usurp human authority here and place humanity under foreign control and domination.

Either of these two events could alter the course of human destiny thoroughly, could stifle and control humanity’s accomplishments and its destiny as a free and self determined peoples in the universe. Therefore, there are great dangers facing you now, and that is why our Briefings are so important and why we have been called by greater Spiritual Powers to come to the Earth to deliver our messages to a worthy world and a worthy people. “20031676_2323601944531799_8088492842886695901_n

3.“Inter-dimensional travel seems to be the fastest way to get around in space. Why is it not being used?”

Inter-dimensional travel, though greatly promising, has proven to be disastrous, for you cannot control your reentry, and even if you could find one of the portals, which are constantly in motion, you would not be able to ascertain where you would emerge—into what kind of physical environment or physical condition you would find yourself. That is why so many craft that have attempted this transference have never returned.

20031684_2323587771199883_7870499765345547559_nThe portals remain a mystery. Interdimensional travel remains a hypothesis. We know that certain races have been able to bridge the gulf between dimensions. They have been able to communicate from the other dimension, but they were not able to return, and contact with them was short lived, leading to an uncertain outcome.

Humanity hopes and believes that such things will be available to it so that it can travel anywhere it wants, to move across the galaxy in an instant, to emerge in any environment. But the reality of the Greater Community will change these notions, will temper your ambitions and will show you a very different reality than the one that you imagine for yourself.

Even if you could emerge through such travel, you would end up in the vicinity of foreign worlds with whom you do not have relations or in physical environments that are entirely hazardous. You would have no way of charting a corridor route there unless you had allies existing in that region. And such alliances would be very difficult to establish, for no race wants to be intruded upon by races from afar in this manner. This would be a challenge to their security and to their network of local trade. They would be greatly threatened by the appearance of a foreign race with whom they had no history or relations.

You have but to think of these things more carefully, more objectively, to see and to understand what we are conveying to you. This requires a serious consideration. Otherwise, you will continue to indulge in fantasies of high technology and instantaneous space travel. But you will have to face a very different reality as you emerge into a Greater Community of life. “

4. “Many people here on Earth would love to travel to other worlds and meet other races there, yet you indicate that this would be very limited. Why is this the case?”

Most nations do not welcome visitation unless it is from those who are its longstanding trading partners, and even here visitation will be limited, for societies do not want to be influenced by other societies. Certainly any free nation would not be welcome to visit a nation that is not free.

20046400_2323587714533222_397031400391237816_nThen there is the problem of biological contamination. We can think of no world where humanity would be welcome at all given the biological reality of your world and the tremendous threat it could impose upon a foreign world. They are not prepared to deal with the innumerable biological agents and influences that exist here, and to receive an emissary from Earth would be a very challenging prospect for them.

If they were not a free society, they would not be interested in your individual expressions. They would be threatened by your music and your art. They would not want these influences to be exerted upon their cultures. They would not want their own populations to witness you or to understand you, for in this, you would be a great threat to them and to all they have invested in establishing their highly controlled societies.

20229391_2323587731199887_9057326360516317347_nYou would not be able to reach other nations because you would have to cross territories owned by others. You would have to use trade routes governed by trading authorities. You would have to make agreements and compromises. You would have to come to terms with many other powers just to travel freely in this region of space. If you traveled outside these established routes, you would always face the danger of piracy. You would also face the danger of becoming lost.

Even amongst our worlds, we would not welcome human visitation at this time, for you are not yet wise enough, united enough or discerning enough for us to establish active relations with you. That is why no one should be intervening in the world. No one should be attempting to establish relations with the human family, and those that do are here for their own purposes, to establish their own quest for power and domination.

You, who are naïve and do not understand the realities of life and travel in the universe, have yet to see these things clearly. But if you think carefully about this, you will understand. There are nations even within your own world that you could not visit freely at this moment because they are not free, because they would not welcome your influence and your presence in their midst. Though such nations are few, their examples serve to illustrate what we are saying.

The universe is far more diverse, and its societies are far more different from one another than anything you have established here on Earth. Races are far more different from each other. And trust in relations can take a very long time to establish and is always maintained with great scrutiny and care. This represents the reality that you will face as you emerge into this larger arena of life.

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