Unacknowledged? What is the agenda Dr Greer?

stgreerDr Steven Greer would have people believe that all Extra-Terrestrial visitors are benevolent and horrifyingly some people are believing.

18557376_1796403137343493_7588007467907696456_nThis claim is not only outrageously absurd but is goes against nature and is based on a bizarre set of assumptions. This foolish approach is incredibly reckless and dangerous for the human race.

I would ask you to please take a wiser more considered approach, please consider the information shared below.

Lets not just throw away human sovereignty, for a few trinkets and empty promises. this is far too important to just follow our hopes and wishes. We need to face reality and really discern what is happening…



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“Look at the history of the peoples of your world, the native peoples of the world, those who simply acquiesced and said, “Oh, yes, fine. Welcome. Move on in. We’ll live here, and you can live over there, and everything will be fine.” Look what happened here. Is this new scenario really very different? It is a very difficult situation to be the race that is discovered, to be the natives of a new world, being visited by others who seek the values and wealth and opportunities of the new world. Such is the predicament that humanity is in now.”

18199193_1788466911470449_5215474868255457956_n“You must see that you are the native peoples of this world and learn the lessons of intervention. Learn the lessons that have taught you what has happened to native peoples when they encountered forces from beyond their awareness, forces displaying different and perhaps greater technology, forces that they did not understand, forces that they mistook for some kind of spiritual entity or spiritual emissary.

History tells you how great civilizations have capitulated to small groups of clever and deceptive invaders. Especially later in the history of the world, this has been demonstrated repeatedly. Entire nations and cultures, even today, are falling under persuasion of foreign powers by dependence on foreign technology and by the persuasion of the Intervention itself.
The great waves and the hidden reality of contact

“the Greater Community into which you are emerging is a competitive environment on a scale you can hardly imagine. Trade and competition for resources, for alliances and for worlds that have strategic value, are considerable. And yet, the situation is far more complex than it might seem at first. Conquest of other lands is not tolerated in well-inhabited areas. Because of the competitive environment, there are restraints. Rules have been established over a long period of time in how trade will be conducted and what rules and guidelines will be followed. The violation of these rules brings retribution from one’s adversaries and competitors, and so there is a system of checks and balances. This system is generally obeyed, but as is so often the case, exceptions are sought in many different ways. It is important for you to know that it is not allowed for your world to be invaded, militarily speaking. The forces that are intervening in your world are not strong military forces. They are great commercial forces. We call them “Collectives.” And you will have an opportunity in this second set of discourses to learn more about their nature and structure.

In order for economic powers to gain access to your world and to gain control of your world, they must use more subtle means—means of persuasion, means of inducement. They must have you desire them to be here, to welcome them, to want what they have to offer, to seek their assistance and their initial offerings. They want you to believe that you need them and that without them, you cannot succeed. In this way, they satisfy the restraints that are placed upon them. In this way, they can gain control of your world according to the rules that have been established.

The persuasion and the inducement that will be placed upon your world are very powerful and very compelling. Many people, by their own inclinations and by the weakness of their own position in life, will be very attracted to this persuasion. And yet, it is but a deception. It is a seduction. Then seemingly with humanity’s general approval, the Intervention can begin and can be fulfilled without violating any restrictions that prevent invasion, conquest, and so forth.”
The Universe into Which You Are Emerging

15241880_1701392210177920_54827141047673746_n“As we have said, the visitors need human assistance. They also need human leadership. The Collectives do not have that many individuals functioning in this world, and so they need a hierarchy of human authority to serve them. They need the infrastructures you have already built. This again is why they did not visit at an earlier time. This is why the Intervention has been delayed, until this era in human development. They need governments, they need religions, they need all of this functioning structure through which their organization can flow.

Therefore, at the outset they must gain alliances. They must gain followers.”

“they will be encouraged to support the Intervention and their own beliefs regarding the frailties and the sinfulness of humanity will be encouraged. And their hope that some greater power from beyond the world will come to rescue humanity from its own demise will be greatly encouraged. Here it will be taught to them that they are part of a greater association of life that is demonstrated by the Intervention itself. Here their religious views and aspirations will be encouraged but directed towards the Collectives.

It will be told to them to trust in the presence that is in the world, that it is here to uplift humanity, to transform humanity, and to rescue humanity from its own errors. It will be encouraged for these individuals to become representatives, to become speakers, to inspire others to begin to give their faith and their trust to the extraterrestrial presence in the world today and to become part of this great movement in consciousness, this great evolutionary change that is occurring in their midst. Yet these individuals, without knowing the real nature of the Intervention or the real intentions of their hosts, will become unwittingly their speakers and their representatives. Having become part of the Pacification Program, they will now pacify others and bring them to the Intervention.15056481_1698771127106695_7708752801427052500_n

So while the visitors seek liaison with individuals in positions of power in government and religion, they also seek to establish emissaries throughout the human population. ”

“It is far easier to govern one who believes in your cause and is cooperative than it is one who is simply being subjugated.  Humanity has great strength to throw off the shackles of subjugation. And so the Intervention will seek to use these inducements to gain as much cooperation and as much belief in their presence and in their cause as is possible. They will employ individuals in positions of power, those who have great sensitivities and psychic abilities and those who are zealous representatives of their religious traditions, to foster and generate such cooperation.”
The influence upon humanity/ 

14192034_1656506981333110_3532057898694395718_nEthical Contact

As both the Allies Briefings and much of the UFO research clearly indicate, ethical contact is not occurring. The following are only a few of the key ethical issues regarding the extraterrestrial Contact as it is occurring today:

  • – visitation and occupation without informed consent by citizens of this world instead of by secret government groups or other organizations
  • – non-disclosure of intentions and fostering secrecy and deception as opposed to openness, trust and negotiation
  • – breeching planetary and national boundaries with impunity
  • – displays of technological power over cities and military installations risking national security
  • – fostering human dependency through offers of technology to a less advanced or less developed native race
  • – violations of basic human rights in abducting people against their will and subjecting them to often terrifying procedures, resulting in psychological trauma and social isolation
  • – exploitation of resources, both human and biological
  • – behind the scenes exacerbation of human conflict

While it may be appropriate for a foreign race to share with us their experience and wisdom from afar, as the Allies Briefings have done, it is not appropriate for races to come here uninvited and attempt to interfere in and manipulate human affairs, even under the guise of helping us. Given the level of humanity’s development at this time as a young and divided race, no true ally of humanity would attempt this, for it would require them to direct, control and manipulate the minds and hearts of people.”
The ethics of contact


“To conclude that all extraterrestrial visitors are uniform in their benign activities and motivations is greatly mistaken, and it appears Greer wishes to assert such a fallacious view on the general public and use his status to punish or intimidate researchers arguing a contrary position.”

“by filtering the testimonies of Disclosure Project witnesses on invasive extraterrestrial activities and covert agreements; excluding the testimonies of whistle-blowers openly describing invasive extraterrestrial behaviors; excluding the extensive data offered by reputable researchers of the abduction phenomenon; ignoring the data of exo-archaeologists, and dismissing the relevance of many ‘contactee’ testimonies, Greer is engaging in a willful attempt to distort the public conclusions concerning the true motivations and activities of the extraterrestrial visitors.

While his effort to spin data concerning extraterrestrial activities in a positive light may be perceived by some to be well intentioned, it is in reality both naive and dangerous to distort public perceptions in this manner given the extensive data suggesting that extraterrestrials have been involved in systematic human rights violations and that some government agencies have been complicit in these.”

Theses excerpts have been taken from –
Repost – Exopolitics versus Exospin: A Response to Dr Steven Greer -Written by Dr Michael Salla

Is Dr. Steven Greer Corrupted By The Alien Invasion?

18486356_1793786237605183_3421326690851112241_n“The alien invasion are master manipulators in the mental environment. It is their most potent force against us. Even an otherwise intelligent and capable person could not hope to avoid being manipulated without the proper mental training. Greer would have posed a tempting target. They want our blind trust and acquiescence. Turning the face of the disclosure movement into an ardent pro-alien advocate fits their plan perfectly. It is a stroke of genius as far as mental manipulation is concerned.”

Read the full article here…
Is Dr. Steven Greer Corrupted By The Alien Invasion?

Seductions and inducements of the unfree nations

“It is not an easy thing to consider because there are other messages being sent to the world at this time—messages from the Intervention, speaking of the nobility of their presence here and humanity’s dependence upon their guidance and their wisdom, speaking of lofty beings and great kingdoms and establishments and a network of wealth and prosperity that humanity is encouraged to become a part of.manip-e1500333717768.png

These are the seductions and inducements of the unfree nations, speaking to humanity’s fears and ambitions. Many people have fallen under this persuasion. Many individuals in leadership positions in government, commerce and religion are swayed by such things, being promised tremendous power, tremendous wealth and advantage.

Within the Allies of Humanity Briefings, you will hear a very different presentation, one that speaks to humanity’s inherent strength, courage and ability. It will advise humanity not to receive any technology from the Greater Community, for it is only being offered to develop dependence—dependence upon foreign powers and the great networks of trade. Once you become dependent upon these things for your technology or basic requirements, your freedom will be lost, and you will be governed from afar to meet the terms of engagement.


It takes great heart to face these things, but face them you must, for this is your world. Your isolation in the universe is over. From here on, there will be attempts at persuasion and intervention. The Allies will not intervene here. They will not establish bases in the world or try to manipulate human perception or seduce leaders of government, commerce or religion. They know that humanity must gain the freedom on its own, without outside control and manipulation.”
Who are the Allies of Humanity

Read the briefings from the Allies of Humanity, free online..





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